Computer CMD Commands list

What is CMD? Computer CMD Commands list

CMD is Command Prompt appear small black application by putting cmd in run prompt. Which shown by windows+R button we give shortcut accessing keys in cmd to perform certain program by command instruction to computer

ftp : Send files at the FTP server

ftype : Show file type and the mapping

netsh : configure and control Show the network components

systeminfo : Show computer Certain property and configuration

Ping : Probe any client in the network

telnet : Make Telnet connections

tftp : Send files at the TFTP server

tracert : trace route like the patch

netstat : Show status of TCP and IP connection

nslookup : query of the DNS

pathping : Check connection to a specific IP host like tracert

getmac : Show MAC address

ipconfig : Show IP network setting

ping : Probbing the network

route : Show network routing table with detail

Directory and files

attrib : Show file attributes

comp : compare the file contents

compact : Show file compression

copy : copy the file

diskcomp : compare the content of two floppy disks

move : move the file

rename : rename the file

replace : replace the file

diskcopy : copy the floppy disc to other one

erase : remove the file

expand : extract the file

fc : copare the files and display differences

mkdir : create the new directory

rmdir : delete the directory

tree : Show the folder structure graphically

type : Show the content of text file

RD : Remove the Directory

chkdsk : check the volume

diskpart : manage the volume

driverquery : Show the installed devices property

Deep Commands

gpupdate : update the group policies

perfmon : start the performance monitor

mountvol : assign the drive mountpoints

verify : monitor volume correction

vol : show volume details

for : for loop repetition

prompt : change the command prompt

reg : Update the registry entry

taskkill: finish the process or program

title: Put title on the prompt

ver: Show the operating system running version

w32tm: set the time synchronisation and time server and time zone

format : format the volumes

chkntfs : Show volume check at startup

defrag : defragment the media

label : change the volume name

mode : configure the interfaces

gpresult : show the group policies

General Commands

call: calls thw batch file by other one

cd: change directory

cls: clear screen

cmd: start command prompt

color: change console color

date: Set and show date

dir: list of directory contents

echo: show output

exit: exits from command prompt

find: find the files

hostname: display the host name

pause: pauses execution of the batch file then shows message

tasklist: display applications and related tasks running

time: display the system time and edit

timeout: wait of the time

runas: start the program like other user

shutdown: power off to the computer

sort: sort the screen displaying

start: start the own window to execute the commands

Most IT specialists and Linux users, additionally to pc users UN agency work with disk operating system.

Square measure comparatively conversant in the command and its corresponding commands.

However a great deal is achieved with the prompt in Windows, too.

For this reason, we’ll justify what the command is, the way to open it, and that CMD commands there square measure for Windows.

Windows console commands have modified over time: in newer Windows versions, users not have access to a number of the acquainted commands.

Within the following, we’ll make a case for that CMD commands still work underneath Windows ten.

So you don’t need to boringly take a look at that are still valid and that are superannuated.

Our summary tables describe the functions of the individual commands and specify underneath that Microsoft operative systems they’re effective.

The command also known to as the console and terminal can be a text base interface inside the software. That forwards commands from the user to the software.

This makes it potential to prepare files begin programs or run alternative commands connected to the software, computer or network.

An older in operation systems (like MS-DOS), you had to figure with not a graphical computer program.

And frequently even navigate with not a mouse any further.

Instead, you had to sort all told commands the directory structures has then display as plain text on the screen.

As like even when the switch to graphical in operation systems, the command remain text-base.