MS excel shortcut keys full list with detail
Basic to advanced ms excel shortcut keys list

Basic to advanced ms excel shortcut keys list

CTRL + A = Select all text of current document

CTRL + B = bold the selected text

CTRL + C = Copy selected data

CTRL + D = Fill the cells

CTRL + E = Align text or image in center

CTRL + F = Search in document of excel

CTRL + G = Find and replace options in excel

CTRL + H = Find and replace options in excel

CTRL + I = Italic style to selected text in excel

CTRL + K = insert any specific hyperlink

CTRL + L = Align text to the Left in excel

CTRL + N = Open the new file in excel

CTRL + O = Open the existing document in excel

CTRL + P = Print the current document in excel

CTRL + S = in excel Save document in computer

CTRL + U = Underline the selected text in excel

CTRL + V = Paste the already copy data in excel

CTRL + W = Close the current windows tab in excel

CTRL + X = Cut the selected data of document in excel

CTRL + Y = Redo the most recent command in excel

CTRL + Z = Undo the latest command done by mistake in excel

MS Excel Shortcut keys

F2 = Edit the selected cell in ms excel

F5 = Highlight the specific cell in the ms excel

F7 = Spelling check selected text of excel file

F11 = Create chart in excel document

Ctrl + Shift + ; = Enter the current time in document in the ms excel

Ctrl + ; = Enter the current date in document in ms excel

Alt + Shift + F1 = Insert new worksheet in excel in the ms excel

Shift + F3 = Start the Excel formula window in ms excel

Shift + F5 = Open the search box in the ms excel

Ctrl + F9 == Minimize current window in ms excel

Ctrl + F10 == Maximize currently selected window in ms excel

Ctrl + F6 == Switch between open windows in ms excel

Ctrl + Page up & Page Down == Move between Excel worksheets in the same document in ms excel

Ctrl + Tab == Move between two or more open Excel files in ms excel

MS Excel Shortcut keys

Alt + = := Create the formula to sum all of the above cells in ms excel

Ctrl + == Insert the value of above cell into the current cell in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + ! == Format number in comma format in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + $ == Format number in currency format in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + # == Format number in date format in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + % == Format number in percentage format in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + ^ == Format number in scientific format in ms excel

Ctrl + Shift + @ == Format number in time format in ms excel

Ctrl + Right arrow key == Move to next section of text in ms excel

Ctrl + Space = Select entire column in ms excel

Shift + Space == Select entire row in ms excel

Ctrl + W == Close document in ms excel

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What is excel?

In Computer MS office is used for basic office documents work while excel is used for office spreadsheets work and short keys plays very vital in fast working In trendy computer programme applications, many spreadsheets, usually called worksheets or just sheets, ar gathered along to make a book. A book is physically delineated by a file, containing all the info for the book, the sheets, and therefore the cells with the sheets. Worksheets ar commonly delineated by tabs that flip between pages, each containing one in all the sheets, though Numbers changes this model considerably. Cells in a very multi-sheet book add the sheet name to their reference, for example, "Sheet 1!C10". Some systems extend this syntax to permit cell references to totally different workbooks.