MS word Shortcut keys list basic to advance computer learning
MS word shortcut keys list

MS word shortcut keys full list

CTRL + A = Select whole text of current document

CTRL + B = Do the bold selected text

CTRL + C = Copy the selected text

CTRL + D = Open font dialog box

CTRL + E = Align text or image in center

CTRL + F = Search in document

CTRL + G = Find and replacing options

CTRL + H = Find and replacing options

CTRL + I = Italic style to selected text

CTRL + J = Justify the selected text

CTRL + K = insert any specific hyperlink

CTRL + L = Align text to the Left

CTRL + M = Indent the paragraph of document

CTRL + N = Open the new file

CTRL + O = Open the existing document

CTRL + P = Print the current document

CTRL + Q = Align the selected paragraph to left side.

CTRL + R = Align Center to selected text of document

CTRL + S = Save document in computer

CTRL + T = Hanging the indent in document

CTRL + U = Underline the selected text in document

CTRL + V = Paste the already copy data

CTRL + W = Close the current windows tab

CTRL + X = Cut the selected data of document

CTRL + Y = Redo the most recent command

CTRL + Z = Undo the latest command done by mistake

MS word shortcut keys list 2

Ctrl + Shift + F = Change the font style

Ctrl + Shift + > = Increase the selected font size +1

Ctrl + ] = Increase the selected font size +1

Ctrl + [ = Decrease the selected font size -1

Ctrl + Del = Delete word of right side of cursor location

Ctrl + Backspace = Delete word of left of the cursor location

Ctrl + Shift + * = View and hide non printing text

Ctrl + Left arrow = Move text one word to the left

Ctrl + End = Move the cursor to end of document location

Ctrl + Up arrow = Move cursor to the beginning of the line or paragraph

Ctrl + Down arrow = Move cursor to end of the paragraph

Ctrl + Home = Move the cursor to the beginning of document location

Ctrl + Space = Reset highlighted text to default font style type

Ctrl + 1 = Single space line text

Ctrl + 2 = Double the space lines text

Ctrl + Right arrow = Move text one word to the right

MS word shortcut keys list 3

Ctrl + 5 = 1.5 line spacing text

Ctrl + Alt + 1 = Change text to heading 1 style

Ctrl + Alt + 2 = Change text to heading 2 style

F4 = Redo the last command performed

F7 = Check Spelling of selected text of file

Shift + F7 = Start the thesaurus in document

F12 = Save as the document

Shift + F3 = Change case of selected text small and capital

Shift + Insert = Paste the copied text

Ctrl + S = Save the file

Shift + F12 = Save the document file

Alt + Shift + D = Insert current date in document

Alt + Shift + T = Insert current time in document

Ctrl + W = Close current document file

Ctrl + Alt + 3 = Change text to heading 3 style

F1 = Open help of ms word desk

Microsoft Word could be a application program developed by Microsoft. it absolutely was 1st discharged on Oct twenty five, 1983, below the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. resulting versions were later written for many alternative platforms as well as IBM PCs running DOS Apple mackintosh running the Classic Mac OS AT&T UNIX system laptop

Microsoft employed Charles Simonyi, the first developer of Bravo, the primary user interface application, that was developed at Xerox PARC. Simonyi started work on a application known as Multi-Tool Word and shortly employed Richard Brodie, a former Xerox intern, World Health Organization became the first computer programmer. Microsoft declared Multi-Tool Word for Xenix and Microsoft disk operating system in Its name was shortly simplified to Microsoft Word. Free demonstration copies of the appliance were bundled with the November 1983 issue of computer World, creating it the primary to be distributed on-disk with a magazine. That year Microsoft incontestable Word running on Windows

Unlike most DOS programs at the time, Microsoft Word was designed to be used with a mouse. Advertisements delineate the Microsoft Mouse, and delineated Word as a application program, windowed application program with the flexibility to undo and show daring, italic, and underlined text, though it couldn't render fonts. it had been not at first common, since its program was totally different from the leading application program at the time, WordStar. but, Microsoft steady improved the merchandise, emotional versions two.0 through five.0 over ensuing six years. In 1985, Microsoft ported Word to the classic raincoat OS

Microsoft Word is product of Microsoft office Microsoft company launch it for basic and essential of documentation workout making files and editing office document by different format exist Word Mobile could be a applications programme that enables making and writing documents. It supports basic data formatting, like bolding, dynamic font size, and dynamic colours (from red, yellow, or green). It will add comments, however cannot edit documents with half-tracked changes. It cannot open countersign protected documents, amendment the type, text alignment, or vogue (normal, heading 1); produce bulleted lists; insert pictures; or undo. Word Mobile is neither able to show nor insert footnotes, endnotes, page headers, page footers, page breaks,

The mack was introduced Gregorian calendar month twenty four, 1984, and Microsoft introduced Word one.0 for mack a year later, on Gregorian calendar month eighteen, 1985. The DOS, Mac, and Windows versions area unit quite completely different from one another. solely the mack version was application and used a graphical programme, so much previous the opposite platforms. every platform restarted its version list at "1.0" ( There was no version two on the mack, however version three came out on Gregorian calendar month thirty one, as delineate higher than. Word 4.0 came out on Nov half dozen, and additional automatic linking with stand out, the power to flow text around graphics and a application page read redaction mode

It enclosed a replacement Notebook Layout read for taking notes either by typewriting or by voice. different options, like following changes, were created additional similar with workplace for Windows. Word free on January fifteen, 2008, enclosed a Ribbon-like feature, known as the weather Gallery, which will be wont to choose page layouts and insert custom diagrams and pictures. It conjointly enclosed a replacement read centered on commercial enterprise layout, integrated list management, and native support for the new workplace Open XML format. it absolutely was the primary version to run natively on Intel-based Macs.

Opening a Word Document go in a version of Word aside from the one with that it had been created will cause Associate in Nursing incorrect show of the document. The document formats of the assorted versions amendment in delicate and not thus delicate ways that (such as dynamic the font, or the handling of a lot of advanced tasks like footnotes). information created in newer versions doesn't continuously survive once viewed in older versions of the program, nearly continuously as a result of that capability doesn't exist within the previous version. made Text Format (RTF), Associate in Nursing early effort to form a format for interchanging formatted text between applications, is Associate in Nursing optional format for Word that retains most information and every one content of the first document.